80-20 National Asian American Political Action Committee
Greetings for the Lunar New Year of the Pig – 2019

The Lunar New Year is the beginning of a new year, the months of which are coordinated by the cycles of the moon and is celebrated by many (but not all) Asian cultures. To welcome the New Year, it is traditional for families to settle outstanding debts and obligations, to clean out the old and welcome the new. It is with this spirit that the 80-20 PAC is planning to renew, rejuvenate and rededicate our efforts to serve our members and the Asian American communities.

Asian Americans enjoyed unprecedented successes in the November, 2018 elections. 70% Asian American Candidates won legislative offices at the States level, and 3 new Asian American and Pacific Islander legislators were added to the (National) Congress making a total of 20, a new high for second election in a row. Your 80-20 PAC Board is already looking forward and preparing for the 2020 Presidential Elections.

A new set of questionnaires has already been drafted to cover issues important to Asian Americans in the coming Presidential Election. You can learn all about them here. Please also participate, like and invite your friends to like the articles we publish regarding AAPI issues on our Facebook page.

Our membership has been steadily growing albeit at a very slow pace. In order to be of national relevancy in all coming Presidential Elections, we need to continuously grow our membership. Remember only by joining 80-20 PAC will you become a member, the Board of Directors of which are duly elected by and are accountable to you, its members*.

Please renew your membership (if you have not already done so) and more importantly we urge your friends and family to join 80-20 PAC to make it speak for all Asian Americans.

Above all. we wish you and your family, Health, Wealth and Happiness for the coming Year of the Pig!

Joel Wong, President
80-20 National Asian American PAC

*Your tax-deductible donation to the 80-20 Initiative went directly to 80-20 EF (Education Foundation). which does not have membership. Please sign up to become a member of 80-20 PAC. Only PAC can donate to politicians to support direct actions and to promote/change/defeat laws in the interests of Asian Americans.