New Website: In order to further distinguish between 80-20 Education Foundation and 80-20 PAC, and to serve our members better, we have established a new for PAC Members website: Remember, 80-20 EF and 80-20 PAC serve different functions – only PAC can donate to your politicians and support direct actions to promote/change/defeat laws in the interests of Asian Americans.

Reviving Local Chapters: In the past couple of years, many local chapters have fallen to disrepairs due to lack of interest and support from Headquarters. Since becoming your new President, I have made a concerted effort to visit and revive our local chapters. To this end I have visited the DC Chapter (President Ting Dai) and the four Ohio Chapters (Former President Munsup Seoh), corresponded extensively with former Houston Chapter (Steven Pei) and funded the Florida Chapter (President Wen Raiti). I will be also visiting Austin and Houston in early April 2018.

All Politics are Local:

  1. San Francisco is an Icon – with a concentration of 36% Chinese Americans and a total of 42% Asian Americans, it is the only “Asian” city outside of Asia. We are working with CLF-USA, Asian Inc., CACA, APAPA and many other organization to conduct a Mayoral Debate to replace Mayor Ed Lee who has passed on prematurely. Ed was the first and only Asian Mayor in the long history of San Francisco.
  2. California Treasurer John Chiang is running for the Governorship of California. He has our support and our sincere wishes for coming out of the June primary as one of the two finalists.
  3. As I visit them, I urge the Chapters to get involved with local politics especially in preparing and writing newsletters advising their members, friends and relatives on what issues and politicians to vote for. By studying the local propositions, issues and candidates, the chapters can deliver accurate, timely, relevant and effective ‘guides’ to voting thus gaining influence in their respective locations. I have personal experience that this can be very effective.

Letter to FBI Director Wray: Fourteen Asian American organizations (AALDEF, AAAJ, AAJC, APALA, APAPA, ASIA, CACA, C-100, CKA, CAIR, JACL, OCA, SEARAC and UCA) co-signed a letter calling for a “Meeting with FBI Director Christopher Wray Regarding Profiling of Students, Scholars, and Scientists with Chinese Origins”.

Regrettably 80-20 PAC were unable to co-sign this letter because of our PAC status. However, our Board of Director has voted to endorse this effort as a supporting organization.

Congratulations to Munsup Seoh – VP Membership: Our Board of Directors has voted unanimously to elected Professor Munsup Seoh to replace Professor Yin-Long Qiu who has resigned due to personal reasons. We wish Yin-Long good luck and thank him for his devoted services and welcome Munsup who we know with be a most capable replacement!

Do consider joining and donating to 80-20 PAC which is designed to give ammunition and teeth to Asian American Empowerment!

Joel Wong
President, 80-20 PAC

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