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We have a responsibility – not simply to speak out – but to act.

Apathy Is Not An Option!

Post Election Newsletter to 80-20 PAC Members


Dear 80-20 Members and Supporters,

Extremely High Mid Term Election Turn Out:

Voter turnout on November 6, 2018 was massive. More than 47 percent of the voting-eligible population cast a ballot in the midterm elections according to early estimates from the United States Election Project.

“Almost half of possible voters actually voted” might not sound impressive. But for a U.S. midterm election, it’s a whopping figure. Compare that with just 36.7 percent in 2014, and 41 percent in 2010.

That’s the highest turnout for a midterm since 1966, when 49 percent of the population showed up to vote.

All told, more than 110 million Americans cast a ballot for their congressional representative in Tuesday’s midterm elections, according to a Wednesday estimate from the Election Project.



Asian Americans are shifting their support to the Democratic Party:

According to New York Times, Democrats won the House as voters across nearly all demographic groups moved to the left, especially women and young people, according to exit polls. Asian Americans also showed a dramatic shift to the left.



Exit Polls: How Voting Blocs Have Shifted From the ’80s to Now

Voters across most racial, gender, income and age groups supported Democrats at a higher rate than in 2016, with the largest gains among women and young people.



Asian-American voters are an important factor in California

A long-overlooked constituency in California politics likely helped deliver Democratic victories this week in the Republican strongholds of Orange and San Diego counties.

Asian Americans, the fastest-growing racial group in California, account for one in every seven votes in the state, showing up at polls at higher rates than Latinos.

The group has made up the largest share of immigrants in the state for more than a decade, and now accounts for about one in six Californians, with the highest concentrations in the Bay Area, Central Valley and Southern California.



80-20 PAC Board of Directors voted to support the following candidates:

All of the candidates that 80-20 PAC is supporting have either a track record of supporting Asian American issues or have answered our questionnaire pledging support to our issues.


  • Ted Lieu (D) for US Congress – Donation for campaign support (won)
  • Sean Flynn (R) for US Congress – Donation for campaign support (lost)
  • Fiona Ma (D) for State Treasurer – Donation for campaign support (won)


  • Beto O’Rourke (D) for US Senate – Mr. O’Rourke does not accept 80-20 PAC endorsement nor PAC donation.
  • 80-20 PAC recommends O’Rourke and asks our members/supporters to vote for him.  O’Rourke (lost)


  • Andrew Gillum (D) for Governor – 80-20 PAC to buy ads to support Mr. Gillum (results pending)
  • Bill Nelson (D) for US Senate – 80-20 PAC to buy ads to support Mr. Nelson. (results pending)

New Jersey

  • Andy Kim (D) for US Congress – Donation for campaign support (won)


  • Aftab Pureval (D) for US Congress – Donation and ad support (lost)
  • Theresa Gasper (D) for US Congress – Donation and ad support (lost)



80-20 PAC needs your help to function effectively!

Right now, the coffers of PAC are empty. We can endorse candidates, but we cannot do much to help the endorsed candidates unless we have sufficient funds to influence any campaign.

Remember, only PAC can endorse candidates, donate to those politicians who support Asian American issues, and support direct actions to promote/change/defeat laws in the interests of Asian Americans.

Please contribute generously to 80-20 PAC if you want it to become an influential Asian American political organization.



Joel Wong, 80-20 NAAPAC President