2000 Presidential Election Bloc Vote

The 2000 Presidential General Election – the first ever by 80-20

80-20 had only been established for about 2 years, it sensed it could only be effective in endorsing the nominee of either party in the General Election. Gore sent a very strong statement to 80-20 pledging to help Asian Ams. win equal opportunity, including high level Federal appointment of Asian Americans. Bush didn’t send any letter. 80-20 endorsed Gore and delivered 66/32 to Gore nationwide and 70/28 in CA, shown in a post election nation wide survey by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

You may agree that a survey sponsored by the National Science Foundation, NSF, is the most scientific and therefore likely to be the most accurate. 80-20 was the only organization explicitly mentioned in the national survey. We delivered 66/32 to our endorsed candidate nationally, and 70/28 in California according to the NSF survey.

Please see survey here.

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