2006 Congressional Election Bloc Vote

80-20 has grown stronger. It was also much frustrated by the Bush Administration’s refusal to enforce an existing law (Executive Order 11246) for Asian American s so that we may also enjoy equal opportunity in workplaces. Repeated appeal was made to Labor Secretary Elaine Chao to enforce the law for Asian Americans. she steadfastly refused, even when Democratic Senator Thomas Carper used his good office trying to get Sec. Chao together with President S. B. Woo of 80-20. As a result, 80-20 endorsed all Democratic Congressional candidates, except for three Republican candidates who had been consistent friends of the Asina American community. The Asian Am erican vote proved to be crucial in winning the US senate race in Virginia . Asian Americans in VA voted 68/32 in favor of Webb. Our bloc vote gave Democrats the one vote majority for the control of the Senate.

CNN Exit Poll

State VA NJ CA
% of AsAm voters 6% 3% 3%
Sen. Candidates Webb/Allen Menendez/Kean Feinstein/Mountjoy
How AsAms voted 68/32 74/24 70/26

Democrat Webb won VA Senate race by 7231 votes giving Dems the Senate leadership. According to CNN poll figures, Virginians cast 2,364,217 votes for the senate races, with 3% (70926 votes) cast by Asian Americans. Of those, Webb got an advantage of (68-32) or 35 points which translates to (70926 x 0.35) or 29,824 votes. Without the AsAm bloc vote, Democrats would not have won a Senate majority.

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