2008 Presidential Election Bloc Vote

With your support, a bloc vote led by 80-20 PAC was delivered for Obama. Here’s the proof. Two reliable exit-poll results are cited.

1. The AALDEF Poll: http://www.aaldef.org/article.php?article_id=388

AALDEF polled 16,665 Asian Am voters in 11 states, where the Asian Am population is high. It provided language assistance to those being polled. The eleven were all blue states, except for Texas which is red, Virginia and Nevada which are battleground states.

In those locations, Asian Americans favored Obama over McCain by 76% to 22%, with 2% voting for other candidates. That is we favored Obama by a 3.4 to 1 ratio. Two details revealed by that poll are noteworthy.

(a) Those with English proficiency, which 80-20’s e-newsletters can reach, voted 82 to 17. That is already better that 80-20, our name sake. Wow!

(b) Every Asian Am. ethnicity followed 80-20’s lead, except for the Vietnamese Am.

2. The CNN Poll: http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/2008/results/polls/#USP00p1

CNN polled nationally. Its sample size for Asian Americans was so small that there was an estimated 5 pt. uncertainty. CNN didn’t provide language assistance. It reported that Asian Ams voted 62% to 35% to 3% for others. 62 to 35 is only 1.7 to 1. We conjecture 62% to be on the low side.

However, the GREAT NEWS is that even the CNN number is good enough to convince the Republican Party to begin sharing the rightful concerns of Asian Ams. See below how Asian Americans, under 80-20’s leadership, have shifted against the GOP in 12 years.

The following data come from CNN/(NY Times) exit polls.

In 1996, there was no 80-20, we basically voted 50/50 or favored GOP slightly. The race was Clinton(D)/Dole(R)/others. AsAms voted 43/48/8.
The GOP has a (5 pt) advantage.

In 2000, 80-20 was 2 yrs old; endorsed Gore enthusiastically because Gore sent us a strong letter of commitment while Bush didn’t. AsAms voted 54/41/4 for Gore/Bush/Nader.
The GOP has a (13 pt) disadvantage.

In 2004, 80-20 endorsed Kerry with reservation because he answered our questionnaire with all yeses (3) but failed to keep a promise. Bush didn’t answer. AsAms voted 58/41/0 for Kerry/Bush/others.
The GOP has a (17 pt) disadvantage.

In 2008, 80-20 endorsed Obama enthusiastically because he answered our questionnaire with all yeses (6), while McCain didn’t. AsAms voted 62/35/3 for Obama/McCain/others.  (See Obama’s response)
The GOP has a (27 pt) disadvantage!

Unless the Republican party is suicidal, which we doubt, 80-20 will soon deliver another benefit to you — having the GOP share our rightful concerns as well.

That is how the political process works. We reward those who share our rightful concerns, and punish those who don’t. Soon, both political parties will COMPETE to share our rightful concerns. Have you noticed how the Democrats and the Republicans compete to share the concerns of Jewish Americans?

Do recognize that 80-20 seeks only equal citizenship for Asian Americans, while prodding America to become “a more perfect Union.”

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