Board members are to vote on the two action items:

1) Should PAC sell our half of the mailing list to EF for $80,000?

2) Should we accept EF’s generous offer to use the mailing list for $5,000 per year even though PAC may not be able to raise money through Newsletters except maybe in Election Years.

Voting results:
1) Passed – 8 “yes”, 1 “no”, 1 “abstain”, 2 did not vote (Mukta and Victor)

2) Failed – 1 “yes”, 8 “no”, 1 “abstain”, 2 did not vote (same as above)

Below are comments by a couple of board members:

a. George Yang – ” Mass mailings are seldom effective in raising money. Personal Relationship is. While it is important to put out periodic news, I don’t know if $5000 a year is a good deal and we should shop around to find better and more cost effective email lists.” Negotiate a price for $X per use of mailing list.

b. Ved Chaudhary – “Negotiate a price for $X per use of mailing list.”

Below is the invoice from Educational Foundation:

1) Total amount of money owed to EF by PAC in 2016 and 2017:

a. 50% of total paid to Peter Mauk from 8/2016-10/2017 = 0.5 (82440) = $41,220
b. 1/6 * Stephen 2016 salary = $11,666
c. Counting substantive newsletters by Stephen, PAC=26, EF=54, so the fraction of Constant Constact cost in 2017 for PAC is (26/80) * $9078 = $2950
d. Intern costs (Total) used to expand the number of emails in our jointly owed email list
PAC’s share is $26,985 (out of 2016 $21,697 and 2017 $32,273. The sum is $53,970)

Total that PAC owe to EF = $82,821

2) PAC will need to pay $5,000 per year for the use of Constant Contact or equivalent and EF’s email list this year. A similar reasonable fee but not necessarily the same amount, will be billed to you in ensuing years.