The Board of Directors voted unanimously to pass the following motions made by Joel Wong and seconded by Kathleen To:

Motion One:

1) That the President seek commitments from declared presidential candidates as soon as possible, under the procedure as established by Article 7.1, rather than two months before the presidential primary held in New Hampshire; and

2) Upon receipt of a response or responses from a presidential candidate or candidates, the Board meets again to determine whether to endorse any of these candidates for the Iowa caucus and/or New Hampshire primary.

Motion Two:

Presidential Candidate Questionnaire:

1.     Eliminating workplace discrimination

A.      If elected, will you direct the Department of Labor to enforce Executive Order 11246 to assure that Asian Americans are not subjected to glass ceiling by federal contractors, and issuing debarment for persistent violators? In the past, EO 11246 has been applied to remove glass ceiling against women and other minorities with remarkable success (see Chart 1).

Yes________        No________

B.     If elected, will you issue an Executive Order asking the federal agencies to promote qualified Asian Americans to the Senior Executive Service (SES) level?

Yes________        No________


2.     Eliminating discrimination in College Admissions: 80-20 supports Affirmative Action to help disadvantaged minorities, i.e., Black Hispanic and Native American students. However, we strongly object to Ivy schools favoring White students over Asian Americans.

If elected, will you issue an Executive Order to the Department of Education to limit Affirmative Action to disadvantaged minorities but not favoring White students over Asian Americans, and to direct the Department of Education and Dept of Justice to enforce the EO by withholding all federal funding to institutions of higher learning that violate the EO?

Yes________        No________


3.    Equal Opportunity in Judiciary  
If elected, will you make it a top priority of your Administration to nominate qualified Asian Americans to serve as Article III life-tenured federal judges, whenever such vacancies are available? These include the Federal District Courts, Courts of Appeal, and the Supreme Court.

Yes________        No________


4.   Eliminating Xenophobia 
If elected, will you direct your Attorney General to prohibit FBI and other government agencies from using McCarthy era tactics to spread xenophobia against Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian or any other Asian American communities, in their investigative techniques?

Yes________        No________


5.     Reviewing Progress 
If elected, will you host a meeting at the White House in your 3rd year as President, to review with a group of Asian American national leaders, put together jointly by 80-20 and your administration, the progress on the four issues described above?

Yes________        No________


Respectfully submitted,
Kathleen To