Joel Wong moved and Munsup Seoh seconded a motion:

80-20 PAC will grant a matching fund of up to $2,000, upon the receipt of $2,000 from the Yang Gang group leader, for buying Andrew Yang yard signs for display in IA, NH, SC, and NV. The API Summit Leaders (Yang Gang on WeChat) will raise the other $2,000 and provide 80-20 PAC the contacts in each of the four states.

This motion passed with 8 members voted for: Francine Li, Alice Yi, Fang Fang, Amy Wong Mok, Jose Esteves, Kathleen To, Munsup Seoh and Joel Wong

6 members did not vote: George Yang, Ching Chang Tsai, Piyush Agrawal, Tony Nakazawa, Quynhanh Tran, S K Lo

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen To