January 31, 2018 – 80-20 PAC Board Conference Call

Action Minutes

Board members present: Joel Wong, Kathleen To, Jing-li Yu, Ved Chaudhary, Tony Nakazawa, Piyush Agrawal, George Yang, Ching-Chang Tsai, Munsup Seoh

Meeting started at 7:00 PM central time

EF board members were invited also.

1) Website Proposal – To approve the expenditure of $1,200 for the design and implementation of a new 80-20 PAC website.

YES – Munsup (capped at $3,000); Kathleen To; CC Tsai; Tony; Piyush; Jing-Li; George, Ved and Joel

2) Logo – To accept all these designs because they are all similar and in the future we may use them for different purposes such as buttons, T-shirts, souvenirs etc.

To approve A for a pull up banner and D for the website logo, and furthermore approve reserving B, C, E and F for future use as appropriate.

YES – Kathleen, CC Tsai, Tony, Piyush, Jing-Li, George, Joel, Ved

No – Munsup (suggests voting as needed)

3) Support for 80-20 Florida Chapter – To approve supporting the Florida Chapter with $2,000 provided Ed Lin can give us proper justification of how this fund will be used.

YES – Munsup, CC Tsai, Tony, Piyush, George, Joel, Ved

NO – Kathleen

Abstain – Jing-Li

4) a. To support John Chiang for governor of CA with a token donation and endorsement if he would answer all YES to the questionnaire we present him

YES – Munsup, Kathleen, CC Tsai, Tony, Piyush, Joel, Ved (conditional)

Abstain – George, Jing-li

  1. To get involved in the San Francisco mayoral race as SF is an iconic Asian City and 80-20 PAC involvement will be noticed throughout the nation.

YES – Kathleen, Munsup, CC Tsai, Tony, Piyush, George, Joel, Ved

Abstain – Jing-Li

5) To approve a face to face meeting in the spring of 2018

YES – Munsup, Kathleen, Tony (suggests LA or SF), Piyush, George, Joel, Ved

NO – CC Tsai (meeting should be a fundraiser also)

Abstain – Jing-li

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM Central time