Meeting started at 3:00 pm Pacific time

Members present: 11

Motion:   NAAPAC (80-20PAC) to spend up to $75,000 on 2020 general election.  $50,000 will be donated to Andrew Yang’s Humanity Forward PAC to be used for the Biden campaign, and $25,000 will be used under NAAPAC’s discretion to buy ethnic ads and get the vote out efforts in the swing states.  Conditions for donation to the Humanity Forward PAC and the Biden campaign are a firm commitment to appoint a senior APIA Advisor on Biden’s campaign team; at least one senior APIA member on his transition team; and qualified APIA members to be appointed to Biden’s cabinet and other senior-level positions in his administration.

Motion made by Joel Wong and seconded by Jose Esteves

9 Members voted for the motion: Joel Wong, Jose Esteves, Alice Yi, Munsup Seoh, Fang Fang , Francine Ly, Tony Nakazawa, Quinhanh Tran and Kathleen To

1 member voted against:  Ching-Chang Tsai

1 member did not vote:  Piyush Agrawal

2 member absent: George Yang, S K Lo

Motion passed.

Kathleen moved to adjourn and Joel seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 4:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen To