Amendment to the Amendment of Bylaws 3.1 – Ching-Chang Tsai moved, Kathleen To seconded
Munsup Seoh moved to amend it and Ching-Chang seconded

Members voted for: Munsup Seoh, Ching-Chang Tsai, Joel Wong and Kathleen To
Members voted against: Jose Esteves
Members did not vote: George Yang, Tony Nakazawa, Alice Yi, S K Lo, Victor Swaroop

Motion Failed:

Munsup’s Amendment: 3.1 Membership: Members must pay national dues and are U.S. citizens only. Only members are eligible for 80-20’s elective offices. Members are also eligible to vote on issues and candidates for elective offices by e-mail or fax. LIFE MEMBERS keep their Life Memberships. Exceptions to accept non-citizens to join and run for office are permitted upon board approval by more than two-thirds of members, and on individual basis only.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathleen To
80-20 PAC