The notice for a joint meeting was sent by S . B. Woo, after he had obtained the permission of the PAC’s Executive committee. He also chaired the meeting.

The following resolution, moved by S.B. Woo and seconded by Jing – Li Yu, was passed by a vote of 15 out of a total possible of 19. One member voted to abstain. Tony Nakazawa, Ge o r ge Yang and David Fan were invited to vote by email. Tony and David each voted yes. George Yang didn’t vote. So the final count was 17 out of 19 voted for the motion. One voted to abstain and one was absent.

Whereas, 80 – 20 PAC and EF share the same goals and are complementary components of 80 – 20 Initiative;

Whereas, keeping the Boards of the two components UNITED is essential for the most effective service to the Asian American com

Whereas, the two components no longer ha ve the same individual as their respective presidents, thereby introducing the possibility of having disagreements between EF and PAC;

Whereas, a decision by one component that is NOT supported by the other component is detrimental to the essential UNITY of the PAC and EF and its resulting service to AsAms,

Whereas, touching b ases with the other component, PRIOR to the public announcement of any BIG campaign, and/or forming agreement with external organizations, is easy to achieve and can help prevent suc h potential conflict and the resulting disunity,


The leadership of one component shall always be diligent in touching bases with the leadership of the other in writing, PRIOR to the public announcement of a BIG campaign or the formation of an agreement with one or more external organizations.

BE IT THEREFORE FURTHER RESOLVED, that touching bases means obtaining the agreement or the acquiescence, or as a minimum, the genuine “agreeing to disagree” of the other component. Otherwise, the decision(s) of the violating component, without having developed a consensus of the two components, shall be null and void, and the violating officer(s) may be placed under impeachment proceedings.

Thank you

Respectfully submitted by S.B. Woo President, 80 – 20 Educational Foundation, Inc.