by Joel Wong

America’s great ‘cause we’re diverse
We hailed from all corners of our universe!
Some are natives with origins here
Europeans arrived to breathe the free air!

Some were uprooted from Africa
Still urging us to be more fair!
Some came here looking for gold
But ended up working on the railroad!

Some came as laborers on the farms
Others defended our country bearing arms!
From every direction it seems
Each one seeking their own dream!

Together we built our industries
And established great universities!
We live and preach free enterprises
Our financial system is the finest!

We promote prosperity and good health
But squabble over sharing our wealth!
We preach democracy in earnest
Falling short but trying our darnedest!

Our country will not be united
Until we learn to share the credit!
To be fair and equitable
Respecting everyone as our equal!

White, black, yellow, red or brown
We share the same genetic background!
We try hard but we won’t get there,
Until we treat everyone equally and fair!

America can lead the world
We look like every part of our world!
So let’s stay united and be of good cheer
All of us belong right here!