March 2, 2007

Mr. James Fang, President
Phone: (415) 397-0220

Dear Mr. Fang,

Racism remarks are intolerable in our country. When your newspaper published Kenneth Eng’s blatantly racist column titled “Why I Hate Blacks,” it not only deeply hurt the African Americans, but also negatively affected the image of the entire Asian American community.

Racial remarks divide citizens of a community; therefore, this type of insensitive and derogatory behavior should be condemned and the offenders should be reprimanded. Personal experiences cannot be generalized. It is very irresponsible and unprofessional to print the personal racist views and hate speech of an individual to the public. We trust the integrity and wisdom of your editorial board will surely understand the gravity of this offense and take further appropriate actions.

On the AsianWeek’s Statement and Apology posted on your website, there is a short announcement that Eng has been terminated from writing for the paper. 80-20 Initiative, our nation’s most effective cyber civil rights organization with over 700,000 supporters, hereby urges you to print an editorial refuting the column and reviewing your editorial policy. Upon your implementation of our recommendation we Asian Americans maybe able to re-establish our cordial relationship with the African American community.

It takes years to build bridges, I sincerely hope you would take every effort to preserve what we have built.

Kathleen To, President
80-20 Initiative
cc: 80-20 board of directors and supporters