Call To Action (If you’ve not signed the petition.)

On February 8, 2008, CNN aired a 2 minute segment that seemed to insinuate that the overwhelming Asian American support for Sen. Clinton were owing to two major causes — fearful of a black presidential candidate and/or fearful of change.

80-20 is outraged. It is therefore supporting a petition originated by Mr. Samson Fu. We urge you to visit the site and sign a petition to CNN urging it to
(1) take this video off their website, and
(2) do another segment with balanced reporting and include the rise of Asian American political influence.

Please view the 2 minute segment yourself and SIGN THE PETITION
Within 24 hours, 1250 persons have signed of which 500 provided comments. The resounding success of the petition is proof positive of our community’s newly established political cohesiveness — news for CNN!

I have sent a letter to Anderson Cooper. The names and addresses of the signatories & their comments, in hard copies, have been hand-delivered to CNN. Since CNN has not replied yet, YOU need to keep up the pressure and sign the petition in even large numbers today. Please DO YOUR SHARE.

In many ways, this is a very serious matter. It could cause racial disharmony between the black community and ours. Please sign the petition now! We salute Samson Fu and thank you.

Respectfully yours,

Kathleen To
President, The 80-20 Initiative, Inc.

Another way to protest to CNN

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