NAAPAC e-Newsletter NO. 2021-09-16

NAAPAC Congratulates Michelle Wu NAAPAC Congratulates Michelle Wu for finishing in the top spot in the Boston Mayoral Primary Race. With all the votes accounted for, top two vote-getters Michelle

NAAPAC e-Newsletter NO. 2021-09-06

NAAPAC e-Newsletter NO. 2021-09-06 FW: Registration Open for 2021 National Civic Leadership Forum FW: Volunteers Needed for #StopAsianHate Event in Chinatown FW: [The Washington Post] Teddy bears, clothes and messages

NAAPAC e-Newsletter No. 2021-09-02

NAAPAC e-Newsletter No. 2021-09-02 FW: 2021 NCLF news release with teaser and sponsorship package FW: NCAPA Calls on Federal Agencies Responding to Hurricane Ida to Ensure Access for Impacted Immigrant

NAAPAC e-Newsletter No. 2021-08-12

NAAPAC e-Newsletter No. 2021-08-12 FW: [AUC] First Press Release of 2021 NCLF FW: NCAPA Statement on Senate Passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill FW: Join Us – Fresh New Force

NAAPAC e-Newsletter No. 2021-08-07

NAAPAC e-Newsletter No. 2021-08-07 FW: NCAPA Newsletter – Quarterly Updates FW: Are you a student leader looking to elevate AAPI issues? FW: Don’t Let the EAGLE Act Fly Through Congress

NAAPAC e-Newsletter No. 2021-07-31

NAAPAC e-Newsletter No. 2021-07-31 FW: AAUC July Podcast Launched FW: AAUC July Podcast Launched FW: [18MRisng] Vaccine Girl Summer FW: AAPIs Cannot Wield Political Power, Without the Power to Vote

NAAPAC e-Newsletter No. 2021-07-27

NAAPAC e-Newsletter No. 2021-07-27 FW: [APA Justice] Qing Wang Case Dropped; Feds Transparency; CAPAC in Action; 07/12 Meeting Summary FW: Urge members of Congress to sign on Bicameral Letter about

NAAPAC e-Newsletter No. 2021-06-14

NAAPAC e-Newsletter No. 2021-06-14 FW: TODAY: March on Manchin FW: [APIAVote] Volunteers Needed to GOTV in NYC! FW: too good a history moment not to share FW: Guy Jones tagged

NAAPAC e-Newsletter No. 2021-05-15

NAAPAC e-Newsletter No. 2021-05-15 FW: Join us at at today’s nationwide “Unity Against Hate” rally, Yellow Whistles to be distributed FW: May 15 Unity Against Hate Nationwide Rally Zoom link

NAAPAC e-Newsletter No. 2021-03-18

NAAPAC e-Newsletter No. 2021-03-18 FW: [AAJC] Supporting Atlanta FW: [MoveOn] Atlanta FW: [ADL] Standing United Against Anti-Asian Hate FW: [NAKASEC] Our Response to the Murders of Asian American Women in

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