CNN airs OUR view on AsAm cohesiveness tonight

CNN will air our views on the Asian American political cohesiveness tonight. Please watch.
Thanks to the 2100 doers who signed the petition and took the time to leave 900 comments with CNN expressing our disappointment, CNN has responded positively to our request.

As the petition has requested, CNN will present a more balanced report that will include the rise of political cohesiveness within the Asian American community tonight. It’ll be on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, “Race and Gender.” The show time for the three different time zones in the US will be:
10pm ET/ 9pm CT/ 7pm PT.

Gary Tuchman who reported in the earlier 2-minute segment that outraged us was very cordial, when he and I interacted. He interviewed me for about 30 minutes. As expected it’ll be reduced to about 1 minute or less when aired.

Since the cutting and pasting power rests with CNN, we’ll reserve our final judgment until we’ve seen the program. I believe that the program will devote about 10 minutes to discussing Asian American’s 3 to 1 bloc vote for Sen. Clinton, near the end of the 1-hour program.

Congratulations! It is another demonstration of what a politically cohesive Asian American community can achieve. — get our equal citizenship and be an integral part of America.

It is also a wonderful demonstration of mutual empowerment. You by joining the petition have empowered 80-20 to represent you. 80-20 by its political know-how induced CNN to do a more balanced report which in turn empowers you — enabling your voice to be heard across the nation.

Let’s keep that up. Join 80-20. By joining 80-20, you empower 80-20.