• During CNN’s Situation Room aired on April 9th, Cafferty made a very provocative statement saying: “They (Chinese) are basically the same bunch goons and thugs they have been in the past fifty years.” (Click here for the transcript)
  • 80-20 President’s Letter to Jack Cafferty
  • Cafferty’s Reply to 80-20
    From: Cafferty, Jack
    Sent: 04/14/2008 6:06 PM
    To: Kathleen To
    Subject: RE: Letter from 80-20 Initiative

    I was referring strictly to the Chinese government and not to the Chinese people or Chinese Americans. I made that clear on the Situation Room broadcast this evening (4/14) at approximately 6:10 p.m. when I read a clarification of my remarks from last week.
    Thank you very much for your letter.


    Jack Cafferty