To those who want to make sure you have 100% confidence in the following chart:

As you know, the EEOC has already stated the information above is correct, but if you are still unsure, here is how the “chances to management” are calculated.

1) What lower ranks are the managers mostly promoted from?

2) How is the percent chance of promotion for each race/group calculated?

If indeed the real world numbers are as shown in the above table, then

“when compared with other Americans in the same positions (i.e. Grade 15) Asian American have only 30% of the chance to be promoted to the SES level.”

Now you are ready to understand the following tables: Click to enlarge image

Thank you for taking the first step in the battle to win equal opportunity.Folks like you, who want to be sure, stay on the longest and fight the hardest. Once you are convinced you have been discriminated against, you will ACT.