10. I still can’t believe it! Why would American institutions want to be in cahoots with our government to discriminate against us?

The end result we face today is at least partially our own fault.

America is a great country and has one of the best political systems. However, all political systems are run by human beings, and human beings are full of frailties. The most common frailty is that human beings tend to accommodate the strong and step on the weak.

The initial prejudice against Asian Americans may be caused by the color of our skin, our national origins, and cultural differences. However, the continuation of the very strong discrimination and inequity is at least partly our own fault. While other races and groups organize in order to have the political clout to punish any institution or politician that perpetuates or commits unfairness against them, Asian Americans remain woefully self- or family-centered, ignoring the dire need for Asian American GROUP political clout.

Fellow Americans, open up your pocketbook and give to 80-20. Our effort to win equal opportunity for ALL is a patriotic act to help make America “a more perfect Union.”

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