8. Surely the next generation will not face the same discrimination as this generation! So why not just be patient and wait?

The next generation doesn’t arrive all of a sudden. Time flows continuously. Let’s look at our rate of progress for the period of 6 years from 1995 to 2001. See Chart 3, which is based on the glass ceiling chart you saw earlier (Chart 1). At a 0.5% per year improvement rate in private industries, a 0.75% improvement rate in universities, and a 1% rate in the federal government, AsAms will reach the current national average chance of being promoted to the managerial class in another 75 years! Equal opportunity in about 3 more generations!

Look at what is happening with Hispanics and women. They have less then half the distance to climb to equality opportunity than Asian Americans and are climbing at twice our rate of improvement. See how having GROUP political clout can make a difference?

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