NAAPAC Endorses Andrew Jeng for Florida State House Representative, District 43

National Asian American PAC
Endorses Andrew Jeng for
Florida State House Representative, District 43

The National Asian American PAC (NAAPAC), formerly 80-20 PAC, heartily endorses Andrew Jeng for his long time service to his community. Andrew’s service goes beyond the Asian Americans, he serves all Americans in his community.

Andrew Jeng is on the Board of Directors of the Affordable Housing Committee in Osceola County, FL. He understands business and community problems because he owns a successful business and has been serving the community for more than 25 years.

Andrew Jeng has been a strong voice in community affairs and he has volunteered for community services since coming to the Orlando areas in 1992. The community often hears his voice in city council meetings, political debates, and in letters to the editor.

In response to Fox News co-host Bob Beckel’s racial slur in 2014, Andrew led groups of supporters in the city hall to protest against Fox News and demanded the termination of Bob Beckel. In the 2016 New York Police Officer Peter Liang’s case, Andrew led a rally to demand justice for Officer Peter Liang.

Andrew Jeng is an experienced businessman and community leader with a clear vision for our city and county in the coming decades. Many residents share his vision because it focuses on keeping our city a modern, environmentally friendly, and enjoyable place to work and live.

Andrew Jeng is intelligent, articulate, outspoken, and dedicated. He is the one candidate who has the experience and skill to make positive changes in our Florida State government. Mr. Jeng is committed to accountability in the community. He will promote an Asian American atmosphere of openness and diversity in the Florida State government.

If you want to see the First and Only Asian American people in Florida State government, join us to support Andrew Jeng for Florida State House Representative, District 43.

The NAAPAC Board of Directors supports Andrew and we will provide matching funds for Andrew’s advertising campaign in local ethnic media.

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