Poll Results on AsAm sentiment on college admission

[A] The College Admission Issue & 80-20
You may personally be strongly against the current college admission policy. You may be anguished over our letting our youngsters take it on their chins during the college admission process.
But do you know how other Asian Ams, besides your friends, feel about this situation?
Do you know of a single elected AsAm official, or an AsAm civic organization or an AsAm professional org. that will speak out for you on this issue?
Do you know any entity except for 80-20 that will find out if there is a way to get our voice heard?
80-20 just finished a formal test poll. It found that even the “most liberal” Asian Am sector, and therefore the most likely opposition to 80-20’s advocacy of a DIFFERENT admission policy, very strongly support filing a legal brief at the Supreme Court for a different college admission policy.
[B] 80-20’s Poll
80-20 polled 1,000 Asian Ams who are associated with our universities i.e. those with email addresses ending in “.edu”. It asked them if they agree or oppose 80-20’s intention to advocate a race neutral and merit-based college admission policy at the supreme court. Here’s the poll.”Kindly please respond to this poll. 80-20 needs to know the sentiment of 
our members, who have apparent association with a university, towards 80-20’s decision to file a “friend 
of the court” legal brief with the Supreme Court arguing for a merit-based and race 
neutral college admission policy. That is, based on an applicant’s current scholastic 
achievement and evaluated future potential only. You response is absolutely confidential.

Please REPLY in the form of, say, 1b, 2c, 3d, etc.

1) I am registered as a
a) Republican,   b) Independent/Decline,   c) Democrat,   d) others

2) I am a
a) faculty/staff   b) graduate student   c) Undergrad   d) none of the above

3) My feeling toward 80-20’s filing a legal brief that is described above as a college admission policy at the Supreme Court is

a) strongly for  b)somewhat for  c) neutral  d) somewhat against  e) strongly against

4) I know some Asian Am. student leaders on my campus     a) Yes     b) No

5) When 80-20 endorses a presidential candidate, it affects my vote
a) 100%. I vote accordingly.
b) somewhat positively
c) not at all
d) somewhat negatively,
e) the opposite way.

[C] The Poll Result — based on a 14% respond rate:

[D] Is 80-20 Worth Saving – 275 more members, with only 10 day to go?
To join, using a credit card, click on https://www.naaunited.org. OR
send your check to    80-20 PAC    13337 South St. #189    Cerritos, CA 90703.
Basic $35; Family 
$50; Student $15; Life Member $1,000.

Respectfully yours,
S. B. Woo, who shall continue to serve you in the 2nd line, if YOU HELP TO ACHIEVE DOUBLING OF 80-20’s MEMBERSHIP BY YEAR’S END.

Special Acknowlegement 
Wilson S Wang, Sunnyvale, CA and Paul C. Yang, Princeton, NJ joined as Life Members, when 80-20 is apparently heading toward dissolution on March 23, 2013. They didn’t say a single word to us. But their message is DEAFENING.
How Noble!