Thursday, November 08, 2012

Great News from the Last Election

(1) A Bigger bloc vote than Hispanics for Obama!
                               Politico       NY Times
Asian Ams               74.2               73
Hispanics                69.3               71 

   Politico: “And the president saw higher backing among Asian voters, who sided with him by a 49-point margin, 74 percent to 25 percent. The margin was 27 points in 2008.”
   In the same vein, see TODAY’s Bloomberg article entitled “Asian Voters Send a Message to Republicans.”
(2) We delivered what we focused on!
   80-20 focused on OH, VA and FL. We helped deliver all 3 to Obama!
(3) Could we have made Romney President2 days ago? ALMOST!
   Had Romney promised to help make us equal citizens, we might have at least delivered VA and FL to him, assuming Asian Ams are politically mature enough to deliver a swing bloc vote since we want to be equal Citizens NOW!

   Note that the “impact” is twice that of “AsAm MOD,” because AsAms have already voted to support Obama. Hence, if we decide to vote for Romney, then we first subtract the “AsAm MOD” from Obama’s vote and then add the same to Romney’s vote.
   We couldn’t change the outcome for Ohio and Nevada. But if our registered voters in those 2 states will increase by another 40% by 2016, WE CAN CHANGE THE OUTCOME OF ALL FOUR STATES, if we endorse the other guy and thereby making the other guy the winner.
   Power is a currency that Asian Ams MUST have in order to win equal opportunity for the 17 million of us. Don’t be naïve. Neither the D Party nor the R Party loves us. They work with us for their own interests.

(4) Important Announcement

   80-20’s Executive Comm. unanimously voted to postpone 80-20’s Board election for next year. Two reasons. First, insufficient preparation for the Board election, because 80-20 was focused on delivering a big bloc vote for Pres. Obama. Secondly, 80-20 is undergoing internal discussion for possible organizational changes.

Respectfully yours,

80-20 National Asian Am. PAC, Collective Leadership