What makes 80-20 effective? Exhibit II A

What makes 80-20 effective

[Exhibit II A] SB’s e-mail of 12/21/00 to Cheney giving him reasons to appoint APAs

“To your credit, President Bush has appointed African Americans and Hispanics to serve in his cabinet. Don’t forget, however, the 11 million Asian Pacific Americans, most of whom are well educated, hard working, and eager to serve their nation.

APAs as yet do not identify with either party; we are here ready for you to make a move to win us over. Asian Americans reside mostly in CA, NY and NJ. These are states rich with electoral college votes that the GOP could win in 2004, if APAs will do a bloc vote favoring Republicans. APA represents the fastest growing minority. About 35% of the APA voters in election 2000 were first-time voters. Four years hence, the increase could be 50%.

I respectfully request that you consider appointing qualified Asian Pacific Americans to policy-making positions in President Bush’s Administration soon, possibly including a cabinet position.

Let Asian Pacific Americans know that President Bush’s vision of Diversity includes them as well. If GOP will champion our cause to win equal justice and opportunity, we will support you with votes and money.

S. B. Woo
Democratic Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89),
Member, Steering Committee, The 80-20 Initiative
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