What makes 80-20 effective? Exhibit II B

What makes 80-20 effective

[Exhibit II B] 80-20 Called for Action to its 230,000 Supporters

Subject: Call for Action

African Americans and Hispanics delivered bloc votes to Gore. Yet Bush appointed 2 African Americans and 2 Hispanics to prominent positions immediately. Why? Genuine desire for “inclusion” and”diversity”? Maybe. Recall however he has not yet appointed a single Asian American to his cabinet!

More likely, President-elect Bush is planning ahead for the NEXT ELECTION. He barely squeezed by this time. He needs to cut down the size of those two communities’ bloc-votes.

80-20 has always understood that voting for the losing candidate does NOT matter. Having the political CLOUT to affect the NEXT election does! APA political leaders in both parties are beginning to understand that 80-20’s success induces both political parties to pay more attention to them — a win-win situation that is good for our community and our political leaders.

To illustrate, we request that YOU fax or e-mail President-elect Bush urging him to include Asian American Republican leaders in his cabinet.

Fax (413) 460-2609 or email it to

A simple statement will suffice: “ Dear President-elect Bush: I urge you to include Asian Americans in your cabinet appointments.
Respectfully yours, (your name and address)”

A helping hand from us NOW to get our APA Republican leaders appointed is more powerful than statements in the future saying that 80-20 works for the benefit of our community and is NOT a front for the Democratic Party.

“The only way to have a friend is to be one.” — Emerson


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